Hot Springs Village Transportation Group is organized exclusively for charitable purposes, more specifically to provide an affordable, reliable and efficient system of public transportation primarily for Hot Springs Village residents, functioning as a non-profit group entity.

What does HSV Transportation Group (known as Village SCAT) do?

Individuals are transported to locations within HSV and outside the East & West Gates for appointments and shopping.  They are picked up at their home and taken to the scheduled destination and a return ride to their home is provided.  Appointments are made at least 24 hours prior to the ride and the cost is $4.00 for one way.  Vans are wheelchair accessible.

Why was HSV Transportation Group formed?

  • Hot Springs Village is a rural area with housing throughout the Village.  Individuals must drive to areas of business or other residential homes.
  • The average age of residents in of Hot Springs Village has been increasing and many of the residents that moved to the Village in the 70’s & 80’s are not able to drive.  They are relying on friends and neighbors to transport them to appointments and shopping.
  • A public transit system that has a route and picks individuals up at “bus stops” is not conducive in the Village due to the roads and distance between homes and development.

Background information:

  • 2007:  A group of interested residents in HSV saw a need for transportation for their neighbors and friends.  A committee was formed to investigate the feasibility and need for public transit.
  • March 2009:  A representative from CTAA (Community Transportation Association of America) in Washington D.C. conducted a study of HSV.  Bob Carlson spent four days in HSV evaluating the needs and community demographics.  CTAA concluded that a door to door transit service was needed and feasible.
  • October 2009: The committee contacted CADC (Central Arkansas Development Council) which operate SCAT (South Central Arkansas Transit).  CADC offered to partner with our organization to provide transportation in the Village.  CADC provides the vans, office space, insurance and maintenance. HSV SCAT offered to provide the personnel.  Schedulers and drivers are volunteers.  No other SCAT offices are totally managed by volunteers.  The HSV SCAT is unique in the state of AR.
  • March, 2010 Received one van and had a total of 30 volunteers
  • April, 2011 Received the second van and over 50 volunteers.
  • October, 2013 Incorporated as Hot Springs Village Transportation Group
  • November, 2013 Submitted application to IRS for 501(c)3
  • 2014 Currently operate 2 vans and have 55 volunteers.  Provide
    an average of 225 rides per month.
  • Purchased a van in April 2015
  • Purchased a wheelchair accessible van in 2016


Profile of riders:

  • Senior citizens
  • Handicapped—wheelchair [caretaker required]
  • Adults unable to drive due to vision or physical disability


  • Shopping
  • Personal appointments:  hair salons, lawyers, veterinarians, etc.
  • Medical appointments:  dentist, doctor, physical therapy, audiologist,
  • Work/Job
  • Social activities: restaurants, clubs, etc.
  • Physical Fitness

Locations and areas we transport individual to:

  • Office is located at 198 Carmona Rd.
  • Transportation available within HSV and outside the East and West Gates.
  • Office is open from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday
  • Rides are provided from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

Future plans:

  • Increase ridership to 275 per month.
  • Purchase a vehicle that will be titled to HSV Transportation Group.HSV Transportation Group would own the vehicle and lease it to CADC.  CADC will continue to cover all other expenses.


Why a new vehicle?

  • Improve comfort for passengers
  • More dependable and less down time due to repair.

Our Goal

Purchase a passenger van –basic model with these features:

  • Doorframe handle to assist in entry
  • Rear lift gate, for easy grocery and walker storage
  • Low step in height.  This will vary from model to model, but the lower the height the easier it is for our clients
  • Front wheel drive for wet roads in the village.
  • Cloth interior

Where are we now?

  • Fund drive has been organized and donations have been accepted.

Visit our website:  www.villagescat.org

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