Success Stories


Our family can’t thank you enough for your services. Our mother is so happy to get out of the house to shop.”

We are so grateful our dad has his social life back without feeling like he’s bothering his friends and neighbors.”

What a relief to me that my mom no longer has to drive. Thanks to SCAT she can go where she wants to on any day. She was ‘scary’ behind the wheel.

The punch cards make a great birthday and holiday gift for my mom. She loves all the drivers and how kind they are.”

Thank you for always calling me the day before my appointment to remind me.

“Your employees (volunteers) are considerate, kind, and helpful.  I really appreciate you’ll!  I wish I could give you all the reward you deserve but money is the only thing I do not have much of.  I am grateful for many things in my life and you are very important to me and to many of us in the Village.  Your job in the Village is a lifeline for many of us who live in the Village.  When you do your job that is good, but when you do the job with kindness, friendliness and honesty—that is the very finest of all things.  Thank you for your wonderful service…”