What is SCAT?

SCAT is an acronym for South Central Arkansas Transit. The Hot Springs Village office is supported by the CADC (Central Arkansas Development Council) in Malvern.

We provide affordable van transportation to residents within Hot Springs Village and outside of the East and West Gates.

What does it cost?

Riders are picked up at their home and taken to the scheduled appointments and shopping, with a return ride to their home. Appointments are made at least 24 hours prior to the ride.  A wheelchair accessible van is available. Each ride is $4.00 for one way. If an individual wishes to go to Walmart and needs a return ride, the cost is $8.00. The ride to Walmart is $4.00 and the return ride is $4.00. Coupon Books are available for $36.00. It provides coupons for 10 rides. A savings of $4.00 or one free ride with the purchase of a coupon book.

Can I stop at more than one place?

Yes, the rider can schedule more than one stop. Generally there is a charge for each stop, except for a drive through. If the rider needs to go to the bank and goes through the drive through there is no charge. The same is true for picking up prescriptions at a drug store.

Can reservations be made weeks in advance?

Yes, in fact, we encourage riders to schedule up to 3 weeks in advance as they are aware that they may need a ride for a doctor, dentist, physical therapy or other appointments. All appointments must be made 24 hours in advance. The phone number to call is 501- 915-0087 between 10:00-2:00, weekdays.

Are the drivers paid?

No, all drivers and schedulers (office staff) in the HSV branch are volunteers. Currently there are approximately 70 volunteers helping to make this service available to residents.

Do you go to Little Rock or Hot Springs?

No, we only travel within Hot Springs Village and outside both gates. Typically our riders need transportation for shopping and many of the medical appointments outside the gates. If someone needs a ride to Little Rock or Hot Springs we can provide a referral.

Rides can be scheduled for Little Rock and Hot Springs by calling:
Garland County residents:  501-623-2875
Saline County residents:  501-315-3687