How to Make a Donation


“Help keep our Hot Springs residents independent by supporting Village SCAT”

Village SCAT is actively seeking funds to purchase a new vehicle to replace a current van.  High mileage and hard usage have taken their toll on the vehicles and for the comfort of the riders and ensuring reliability new vans or vehicles are needed.

  • Currently Village SCAT has a 501c3 status as Hot Springs Village Transportation Group.
  • Village SCAT is pursuing grants as a source of revenue.
  • We are appealing to organizations, churches and individuals who care about HSV residents and would like to donate
  • A representative from Village SCAT would appreciate the opportunity to attend a meeting or gathering of members to provide additional information.

  Your donation would be very much appreciated.

 If you wish to donate please send a check to CADC-Village SCAT, P.O. Box 9485, Hot Springs Village, AR  71910.  Checks can be made out to CADC-Village SCAT.  The money that you donate will go into a fund that will be designated for a vehicle that will be owned by HSV Transportation Group and used in HSV.


If you have any questions please contact Lynda Grasse at 501-915-3303 or


For Your Consideration


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