Village Scat is a local non-profit organization.  Donations are appreciated and will be used to insure that service to Village residents is available for many years to come.

We are supported by CADC, which is also a non-profit.  As a smaller operation under their umbrella we are maintaining our funds under our local corporation, HSV Transportation Group.  Donations made to Village SCAT will remain local for our future needs.

  • Village SCAT has a 501c3 status as Hot Springs Village Transportation Group.
  • Village SCAT is pursuing grants as a source of revenue.
  • We are appealing to organizations, churches and individuals who care about HSV residents and would like to donate
  • A representative from Village SCAT would appreciate the opportunity to attend a meeting or gathering of members to provide additional information.

  Your donation would be very much appreciated.

 If you wish to donate please send a check to Village SCAT, 198 Carmona Rd., Suite 5, Hot Springs Village, AR  71909.  Checks can be made out to Village SCAT.  The money that you donate will go into a fund that will be designated for a vehicle that will be owned by HSV Transportation Group and used in HSV, or another purpose as you may designate.

If you have any questions please contact Lynda Grasse at 501-915-3303 or